Written by Dug Stokes of frag.co.uk as a useful tool in February 2010.

This tool is provided with no warranty. Please do not misuse this service. Please send comments and complaints via the contact form on frag.co.uk.


frag.co.uk Tools - Download the Windows Application

We now have a downloadable application which can run as a system tray icon. This application uses our website to make requests. It is a portable application and doesn't come with an installer. Simply run the .exe from anywhere, or copy it somewhere save and create a shortcut.

Download the latest version, v1.1.0.0 now

Requires .NET Framework 2.0 or greater.

Automatic updating module kindly provided by Kichimi.co.uk.


Other versions

Mac OS X 10.5, Linux Intel 32-bit and 64-bit versions (including a Windows version) using Titanium has been created by Kichimi.co.uk

Backend and General Updates

5 December 2019: fixed up and re-enabled, ping and traceroute disabled.

18 August 2015: site disabled due to issues.

15 April 2019: added VB6 version for download.

15 April 2011: added VB6 version for download.

06 April 2011: added .NET version for download, improved caching and GeoIP (thanks Martyn).

04 April 2011: added RBL blocklist check, improved text version and error messages.

11 March 2011: added support for geoip, port scan, HTTP headers and HTML source.

20 February 2011: First version including domain and IP Whois, ping, and DNS.

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