Below are just some of the many services we can offer. We can provide almost any online service, from video streaming to an online shop; or business software to hardware diagnostic applications.

  • Web Hosting

    We can provide webspace for any purpose, whether you need an online presence for your company, just a personal website to share your photos, or a full shopping website with online ordering, stock status and video advertising, we are positive we can find the best solution for your requirements…

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Good website optimisation will massively improve your chances of the traffic you want for your business from search engines. For most websites it is essential for their success. Many SEO companies will promise first-page results but be unable to achieve the targeted traffic you need to survive; other companies will only offer to tweak your keywords. We’re different…

  • Web Development

    With our inhouse software and website development team, and lots of expertise in commonly used packages, our team is very happy to use familiar website management packages, or develop custom pages for your site, whether you need to be able to add new products or images to your site, or would just like to be able to easily edit your website from wherever you are…

  • Email Hosting

    We can provide email solutions for home and business users, with a friendly webmail interface and compatibility with any email client, including Mobile and Blackberry support. Our servers feature fantastic anti-spam and anti-virus support, keeping your inbox clean and tidy…

  • Backup Solutions

    We can provide backup systems for any purpose, whether you need temporary storage area for a new computer at home, or your business requires a fully managed solution, we are positive we can find the best solution for your requirements…

  • Graphic Design

    Good graphic design is about communication, good communication means good design! By working directly with creatives rather than indirectly, we’re able to give you the best possible results for your site. Whilst the majority of our clients initially use us for their website, when looking for a new logo or design work, many of our customers stay in touch over the years and use for much of their future graphic design needs. With our flexibility we’re able to also work with larger design agencies, with all the benefits of a more intimate service.

  • System Administration – Linux and Windows

    We currently provide very reliable shared servers with backup power, load-balancing support, secondary mail servers and full backup systems that run Gentoo Linux with the latest Apache webserver, configured with PHP 5 and CGI extentions. We can provide our own servers for you, or manage your existing servers – whether they be Microsoft Windows or even the most obscure distributions of Linux, we’ll be able to support you.

  • Database design

    Whether you need a shop with stock levels and distributors providing you with an automatic pricing system, or somewhere to store your collection of CDs, we’ll be able to help design your database. We’re also very happy to maintain and work on your existing databases, in almost any format. We’re comfortable working with MySQL, PostgreSQL and of course, Microsoft SQL Server; as well as some of the more obscure database formats.

  • Audio/Video Streaming – On demand and broadcasted

    We’ve worked hard to keep up-to-date with both Adobe Flash streaming methods, with HTML5 – and methods compatible with both. We’ve written software to convert from almost any video and audio format to something any user can stream easily with their web browser. We’re confident we’ll be able to provide your video and audio streaming needs to even the largest number of viewers.

Do contact us if you wish to discuss any requirements as we are always happy to arrange custom solutions for your needs.

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